Rev. B. Anne Gehman: About Life, Love, Mediumship, and the Spirit World. Through a Medium’s Eyes Series, Volume 1.

Author: Ruth Shilling 

Filled with Anne’s wisdom and stories, this is the first volume in the Through a Medium’s Eyes series. The information in this book is from a series of interviews done by Ruth Shilling during the summer of 2016.

Do our pets still come around us after they die? Do our deceased loved ones know what we are doing and what we are thinking? What happens when a person takes their own life? Do psychic mediums–who communicate with people in the spirit world, spirit guides, and master teachers–believe in God? In the “Through a Medium’s Eyes” series, Ruth Shilling interviews those with the gift of clairvoyance, or “second sight,” to find out how they see this world and the next. Each book brings to you the perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge (and lots of stories!) of one of these extraordinary people.

Rev. B. Anne Gehman’s ability to know things most people would never imagine possible has been well documented by psychic researchers. Two biographies, a number of books, and articles in magazines such as Time, Life and Reader’s Digest have been written about her.

In this book, in addition to answering questions about life, love, mediumship, and the spirit world, Anne explains how to do psychometry (gathering information by holding an object), how table tipping works, her experiences with apports (dematerialization and rematerialization), and how she used both psychometry and remote viewing while working with law enforcement to solve crimes and locate hundreds of missing persons.

Tips on how to get a good mediumship reading (connecting with deceased loved ones), explanations about meditation and prayer, her advice for student mediums, and a recommended reading list are also included.

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Self-Emp GehmanSelf-Empowerment – Nine Things the 19th Century Can Teach Us About Living in the 21st

B. Anne Gehman and Ellen Ratner

The past comes to the rescue as a Washington, D.C., reporter / talk show host and a spiritual medium turn back the clock on self-help, pointing readers in the direction of history in order to help them heal from physical, psychological, and spiritual ailments.

In this thoroughly researched book, Anne Gehman and Ellen Ratner give credence to the pioneers who risked their lives, homes, and reputations to bring us some of the most effective alternative treatments in self-help and spirituality known today. In our search for understanding our minds, bodies, and spirits, we have become more open than ever to “alternative” treatments like homeopathy, prayer meditation, herbal remedies, psychic mediums, Eastern medicine, and many others.

When Ellen Ratner experienced chronic anxiety, she sought out a holistic psychiatrist who treated her using a little-known science called Coherent Breathing. It worked. Ratner dug deeper into this science and discovered invented and cultivated treatments that were so ahead of their time and far away from traditional medicine that their practitioners were deemed witches or charlatans. But, still, they persevered.

Together, Ratner and Gehman explore the lives, ideologies, philosophies, and intellect of hundreds of history’s greatest healers and pioneers, among them names we know, like Appleseed and Mesmer, and others, who we will soon meet in the pages of this enlightening book.

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Priest MediumThe Priest and the Medium: The Amazing True Story of Psychic Medium B. Anne Gehman and Her Husband, Form Jesuit Priest Wayne Knoll, Ph.D.

Suzanne R. Giesemann

Psychic medium B. Anne Gehman gave her first spirit readings to her teddy bears at age five. Raised in the Mennonite tradition, she left home at age 14 to finish her schooling. A life-changing near-death experience led Anne to develop her natural gifts, including an uncanny ability to predict future events.

She has gained international attention for her help in solving crimes, locating oil and missing persons, healing illnesses, and connecting family members with their loved ones in spirit. She has worked with top government agencies and officials, police departments, judges, and corporate CEOs.

While remarkable for her spiritual gifts and experiences, Anne’s life is all the more fascinating due to an unusual twist: she is married to Wayne Knoll, Ph.D., a former Jesuit priest. A brilliant student devoted to his faith, Wayne also left home at 14 to join a Roman Catholic seminary. Even while pursuing his life’s dream as a professor of literature at Georgetown University, Wayne felt an emptiness that only a woman could fill.

After more than a decade of religious training, he made the wrenching decision to leave the priesthood, not knowing if he would find the love he sought. The Priest and the Medium shares the remarkable story of two soul mates on parallel paths with divergent beliefs, yet united in their love for God and each other.

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